What We Do

Wickitly specializes in awesome web & app development. We turn outdated and clunky websites into top-of-the-line modern day spectacles. As a result, the companies we work with stand out from the crowd and are authentically positioned as the greats in their industries.


Engineering is not just numbers and statistics, algorithms and decision-trees. Exact science isn't exact science. Engineering takes guts and daring, grand visions and slick executions. We claim to be no more than mere students of the art and apprentices of the craft. We pay respect to the difficulty involved by speaking the truth to our clients and approximating greatness with incredibly hard work.

We don't believe there's a secret for success — only courage, perseverance and hard work.


We don't believe in trends and hype. Great software ages like a great book — the book may be translated into different languages, the words and sentences may age with time, but a great story remains a great story. The same is true of software and its architecture.


The purpose of design is to lead. Whether you're designing an oil pipeline or the user interface of an app, you're trying to lead something through an easy and effective path. Most designs don't get this simple, yet complex insight and suffer accordingly — that's what we help clients avoid.


We got into engineering because we couldn't find any problems we didn't love to solve, it really is that simple. From time to time, we are forced to compromise between passion and practical reality like any other firm. Yet still, the fact remains — we couldn't find any problems we didn't love to solve.

About Wickitly

The staff at Wickitly are united by their shared vision of engineering the stuff of science fiction into reality. Our passion is technology and gadgets and we geek over logic and architecture.

We're a widespread company that hires talented people from all over the world. Our HQ lies in Gothenburg, Sweden and our production sites are located in Skopje, Macedonia.

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